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Nursery and Reception Home Learning

Dear Parents and children,

Today it is a beautiful , sunny morning. The birds are singing and the baby lambs are playing in the fields. But it is, as we all know,  far from a normal start of the summer term. I hope that you all are keeping safe and managing to keep in good spirits. 

As most of you will be aware, I have been posting lots on Tapestry for the children to look at and will continue to do this regularly. I love receiving posts from you all, letting me know what the children are getting up to. These really are invaluable and to be honest a real highlight of a day.

If you haven't already seen the story -"One Mole Digging A Hole" then here it is again. Don't forget to have a go at learning it and tracing over the numbers. You could send a video to show me. Watch out on Tapestry and the website for other suggestions of things to do. But most of all, please take this time to play together and enjoy family time.

Sending love

Mrs Middleham, Miss Pattison and Mrs Mattinson


Keeping Healthy

With all this lovely weather, here at the Middleham household, we have been trying to stay fit and healthy. Some of us have been biking, running,walking, doing circuits and making up our own little mini challenges. Doing something active each day is a great way to stay motivated. I know lots of people have been doing Joe Wicks every morning including Mrs Handford - well done everyone. There are also lots of activities for everyone to try on https://plprimarystars.com/ 

Why not kick start your day with movement - go on give it a try.



At my house I have been trying to do some experiments!

The first one I have tried is with skittles and water. This was such a fun experiment, getting to watch what happened when I put the water onto the skittles and also getting to eat the left over skittles was a bonus treat!

Have a go at doing it yourself, try and create some other patterns! 




Why not have a go at making some Sticky Gingerbread. This recipe is from a very old book that my Mum passed on to me and I still remember the smell that filled the kitchen - yummy! We made this at the weekend and it went all in one go! I hope you've been having some fun too. Perhaps you have been baking in your house, if so send us some pictures.


Get stuck into Science

Baking is always a great way to get the children involved and interested in science. Children are fascinated by the changes that take place in the baking process, whilst at the same time they enjoy the reward of tasting the end product. Talk about textures and smells. Dont be afraid to get messy - they love this and will enjoy the responsibility of tidying up with you - most children enjoy getting their hands into a bowl full of bubbles!


Paper cup bubble machine

Simple baking recipes




Look at theses things I found around my garden. Can you count them? What can you find in your garden or house? Make a collection. Can you name each thing? Which thing is second? Which thing is ninth? Can you put all of your items in order?

Have fun inside or out.

Cup Challenge

I spotted the lovely Mrs Salkeld and Noah doing this and thought haha! Why don't we have a go in our house. Why don't you have a try and don't worry if it's not the same - you can make your own version.


Just use water!

Water play is great for young children and even adults. Why not try experimenting with water whilst the weather is fine.

Keeping in touch

Just a little reminder that i'm keeping in touch via Tapestry and our website. If you need anything please let me know. You can email me Monday - Wednesday between 9am - 3pm.


Miss Pattison is also contactable Thursday and Friday 9am - 3pm


Also, don't forget, we think you are doing a great job in difficult circumstances. I keep up my spiritis by singing, dancing, exercise - walking, biking and baking and remembering that we can do this together.


Amazing Maths


Why dont you have a go at guessing???

All will be revealed soon...

How much does a ladybird weigh?

There is so much you can do with this book. You can weigh lots of different items and talk about numbers. This is a practical activity which children love to do. You can compare weights and numbers, heaviest, lightest, largest, smallest. You can trace over the numbers with your finger. You can hunt for some of the creatures and count them. You can look at really big numbers and talk about them. You can of course just purely enjoy the story if that's what you feel like doing. 


Story time!

This is a wonderful story all about a little bunny that has to go outside and be extremely brave! He goes on some wonderful adventures - which you will see in the book. 

When Logan goes on his adventure he takes a snorkel, a scarf and a tin of bisucits! What would you take on your great adventure? Tell your grown up and they can let me know or have a go at writing it down! 

As much as we love being inside with our families and doing activities in the house, we must also go on adventures outside because its amazing what you can find! You hear different sounds, smell different things and see many animals and insects... The world is a little scary at the minute and you are all already being so brave, but remeber to always be adventurers!

Lots of love,
Miss Pattison 


ball game

Challenge time - try and get the ball into the bowl, once you have done that try and bounce the ball onto the pans and then get it into the bowl! Its quite tricky, I only managed to get it in once but I bet you can beat me! Make up a points system and have a go at writing down how many points you score...

Good luck! 

Matching game

match the dots to the number

All you need is two paper plates... 

On one paper plate get your grown up to write the numbers 1-10 and section them off like a pizza. 
On the second paper plate draw the same amount of dots to the numbers and cut them out like a pizza.
Once you have done that, jumble them all up and try and match the dots to the numbers try and see how fast you can do it!

For an extra challenge try and do your number bonds to 10 using the dots! 

I hope you have some fun with your numbers :)

Make a wish


What would you wish for? Talk to your family and find out. You could even make a beautiful dandelion picture or card. People often pick dandelions when they have turned to seed. They close their eyes, make a wish and blow the seeds into the air. Can you think of other times you may make a wish?


Find out more about dandelions. Can you tell us why there are always so many dandelions?

Summer Reading Challenge 2020

Each year the Challenge, delivered with the support of public libraries, motivates over 700,000 children to keep reading to build their skills and confidence.This year Silly Squad, the Summer Reading Challenge 2020, will celebrate funny books, happiness and laughter. Children taking part in the Challenge will join the Silly Squad an adventurous team of animals, who love to have a laugh and get stuck into all different kinds of funny books.

Every year we get more and more children joining in the summer reading challenge, lets make this year the best one yet.

Get rewards, play games and earn badges as you discover awesome books to read this summer!

Sign up at sillysquad.org.uk from Friday 5th June to join the Squad! 

This is hopefully something you can share with your child and have some fun with.



Transition into Reception and Nursery

Look out for our virtual tour of EYFS, introduction to our staff and some fun activities you can engage with, following shortly (next 2 weeks)

In the mean time I will contact Parents of new nursery starters just to touch base.


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