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Live, love and learn together

and let the light of Jesus shine in our school.



Our Vision is to:

  • Create a secure, stimulating, child-centred, challenging atmosphere where each child can develop to his/her full potential
  • Foster and deepen the Faith Life of each child and make them aware of the faith of others
  • Promote growth in prayer, spiritual awareness and moral values
  • Cultivate a close liaison between home and school to encourage parental involvement and participation in the life of the Parish and the wider Community
  • Lead each child towards self-discipline, self esteem and a positive attitude to learning
  • Endow each child with the relevant knowledge, skills and abilities applicable to the stage of their development
  • Ensure that the Catholic ethos of the school is safeguarded and fostered at all times.

Each Child Will be Taught to:

  • Read fluently and accurately with understanding, feeling and discrimination
  • Develop a legible style of handwriting.
  • Communicate clearly and confidently in speech and writing
  • Learn how to acquire information and record it in different ways
  • Listen attentively and with understanding
  • Apply computational skills with speed and accuracy
  • Form mathematical concepts and apply them in problem solving
  • Develop manipulative control, agility and physical co-ordination
  • Develop confidence and self expression through music, art, drama, speech, physical education through creative writing
  • Form scientific concepts and apply them in problem solving
  • To be familiar with and use a range of technology, equipment and materials.



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