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Religious Education is the “core of the core curriculum” in a Catholic school (Pope St John Paul II). Through Religious Education, pupils study the Catholic tradition and come to an appropriate knowledge and understanding of the different religious dimensions of life. They are given the opportunity to examine their own religious attitudes and to respect the convictions of others. We teach tolerance and respect for other religions, traditions and cultures. Please see our British Values statement.

Our R.E curriculum is supported by materials from  “The Way, The Truth and The Life” and CAFOD to ensure we meet the needs of our children. All classes follow the Religious Education Curriculum Directory. 

Religious Education is further enhanced and given expression through the liturgical life of the church by attendance and active participation in the Mass and the sacraments through the observance of religious services and festivals. At the beginning of each new term the whole school attend Mass with the parish.

The Catholic faith perspective is not an added extra, which we teach and offer to the children, it is integrated into the whole life of the school and into all the aspects of the curriculum. Please visit our Catholic Life page to find out more about how our faith is reflected in our school life.

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