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Sports Funding Premium

The Government has provided additional funding for schools to improve the quality and delivery of PE in primary schools. This funding is ring fenced which means that it must be spent on developing PE and sport  provision in school. Schools, however, have the freedom to choose how to spend this.

As part of the Allerdale and Nelson Thomlinson Coaching programme, high quality P.E. is delivered by a specialist teacher working alongside the class teacher. This team teaching approach delivers in service training to the non specialist as increasing confidence in the teaching of P.E. This will build capacity for the future development of PE.

All teachers in the school will gain experience of teaching gymnastics, dance and sport with an aim of delivering consistently good teaching across the school.

In addition, the following sports are covered through specialist coaching:

  •  Cricket, multi skills and tennis with pupils entering festivals as well as competing in sports tournaments with local school.

How have we spent this money?

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