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P.E Curriculum

At St Cuthbert’s children are provided with a range of exciting and challenging sporting activities and opportunities.  Through P.E., children are encouraged to adopt and develop positive attitudes towards sharing, co-operation and competition in active situations. We aim to enhance pupils’ self-confidence and self-esteem through a wide variety of movement experience and cater for individual pupils’ abilities and group skills in a progressive programme which offers stimulating and challenging learning situations.

The aims of P.E

At St Cuthbert’s we aim to provide children with opportunities to:

·         become skilful and intelligent performers;

·         acquire and develop skills in a range of physical activities;

·         learn to select and use skills, tactics and ideas to suit different activities;

·         develop their ideas in a creative way;

·         compete against others, individually and as team members;

·         understand what it takes to try hard, succeed and acknowledge each others success;

·         respond to a variety of physical challenges;

·         focus on improving aspects of own performance;

·         discover their own aptitudes and preferences;

·         understand the need for exercise in their lives; and

·         develop positive attitudes to participation in physical activity.


Wow - what a great start to school sports week!  Children dressed in colours to support their countries: England,(white)  France, (blue) Germany (black) and Spain (red).  After an active Freddy Fit style aerobics led by out talented Year sixes, we got down to the Football Shoot Out.  What a close competition.  In 4th place were Spain with a total of 23 points, 3rd were Germany with 25 points, second were France with 27points and the winners with a score of 32 points, were England. 


Skipping sure does work up a sweat!  There were lots of red faces and out of breath children in the school hall, all skipping merrily to music, to raise funds for school. What a big success.  There has been great demand at break times and lunch times for the skipping ropes.  Due to popular demand, we hope to run a skipping club after half term, so look out for the notice/letter soon. 

P.E Monitors - 2015-2016

So far this year, two very enthusiastic and able monitors, Joshua Horsley and Jack Langstaff, have been helping Mrs Middleham keep the P.E store in good working order with everything in its place and tidy.  They have already been awarded a Headteacher's certificate for carrying out their jobs responsibly and ensuring others using equipment and apparatus know how to use the store.  

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