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P.E Curriculum

At St Cuthbert’s children are provided with a range of exciting and challenging sporting activities and opportunities.  Through P.E., children are encouraged to adopt and develop positive attitudes towards sharing, co-operation and competition in active situations. We aim to enhance pupils’ self-confidence and self-esteem through a wide variety of movement experience and cater for individual pupils’ abilities and group skills in a progressive programme which offers stimulating and challenging learning situations.

The aims of P.E

At St Cuthbert’s we aim to provide children with opportunities to:

·         become skilful and intelligent performers;

·         acquire and develop skills in a range of physical activities;

·         learn to select and use skills, tactics and ideas to suit different activities;

·         develop their ideas in a creative way;

·         compete against others, individually and as team members;

·         understand what it takes to try hard, succeed and acknowledge each others success;

·         respond to a variety of physical challenges;

·         focus on improving aspects of own performance;

·         discover their own aptitudes and preferences;

·         understand the need for exercise in their lives; and

·         develop positive attitudes to participation in physical activity.

P.E Monitors - 2019-2020

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