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Our curriculum is designed to provide a rich, contextualised and challenging learning experience for all our pupils. We aim to sequence learning in a meaningful way, allowing pupils to make connections - helping them form an understanding of the world we live in. In our curriculum, the teaching of skills, knowledge and vocabulary will always be built upon a solid foundation of prior learning.

The intent of our curriculum is to promote learning that serves our pupils beyond the primary school years. We aim to inspire them to want to learn more and to equip them, not just with knowledge, but also the skills to be able to research, store and present learning for themselves. Relationships between pupil and teacher are a core part of successful learning at St. Cuthbert’s and whilst this is recognised as a strength, we aim to inspire children to fall in love with the learning journey and ensure that once they move on to secondary school, they have the skills to think creatively, seek and store knowledge and be able to share this with others.

 In redesigning our curriculum, we ensure that the curriculum is always evolving to reflect the changing world around us. We also aim to reflect our local environment through our curriculum. We understand how fortunate we are to live in an area of incredible natural beauty and historical significance and this, quite rightly, plays a large role in our curriculum design. We also understand that pupils may need to look in more details at areas that are different to our own, such as large, highly diverse urban environments.

Our curriculum goes beyond what is expected in the statutory National Curriculum. For example, all pupils at St. Cuthbert's will learn at least one musical instrument and have opportunities to perform as part of an orchestra. We believe that experiences outside of the classroom play a vital role in our pupils’ development such as our forest school sessions, representing the school in a sporting event; singing or performing at a concert; performing on a professional stage or simply taking part in an afterschool club.

Here at St. Cuthbert's, we follow a two-year rolling cycle for our curriculum.

We are currently following Route A.

Route B

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