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Mathematics is a life skill.  It is an essential element of communication, widely used in society, both in everyday situations and in the world of work

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 At St. Cuthbert’s our aims in teaching mathematics are:

  • To equip pupils with the mathematics they need to become numerate.
  • To develop their ability to apply mathematical skills with confidence and understanding when solving problems.
  • To enable pupils to express themselves and their ideas using the language of mathematics with assurance.
  • To develop positive attitudes to mathematics, recognising that mathematics can be both useful and enjoyable.
  • To nurture a fascination and excitement of mathematics
  • To be able to use and apply the skills in other curricular areas.


Learning timestables

To help children in KS2 learn times table fluently we give each child a Time Tables Rock Stars login with the challenge of who can become a Rock Legend.

How we teach maths:

A daily mathematics lesson of 40 – 60 minutes is taught in Year 1 – 6. 

We follow the National Curriculum. Details of this are below.

We ue a range of resurces such as materials from White Rose Maths and Collins Primary Maths.

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