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Year 3 & 4 Home Learning

Please check with an adult before opening any links and only watch the videos suggested by your teacher.         REMEMBER our online safety rules


Thursday 1st April 2021

Today we will be doing things a little different. smiley

Registration will be at 9:15am as usual.

Throughout the morning we will be having a quiz, a competition and a scavenger hunt. 

I will give you more information at our registration meeting.! 


Core Subjects


Times Tables Rock Stars. Aim to do at least 10 minutes on TTRS to practise your times tables every day.

Wednesday 31st March 2021

Follow the links to the White Rose Maths video and accompanying worksheet:

Red:   Video: 


Green: Video: 


Blue: Video: 



Monday 29th March

This week our RE lessons are all based around the Stations of the Cross. Each afternoon I would like you to read part of the booklet and choose at least two activities to complete. You DO NOT need to print off the booklet. I have added both PDF and Word versions for you to choose how you wish to do the tasks; whether that is to print off the page you need, complete electronically or to use as a model for you to create your own. 



Weekly activities. 

Your spellings for this week are on Spellling Shed, we will have a spelling test on Friday/Monday

Spend 15 minutes each day reading. It doesn't need to be your school reading book. It could be a graphic novel, a comic, a book of poetry, a newspaper or magazine or an e-book. Let me know what you have been reading in our registration meetings. 

Reading quizzes. Please use this link to access the AR reading quizzes. Log in as you would at school.

https://ukhosted48.renlearn.co.uk/2235829/def ault.aspx





On the whole school page, on the Home Learning tab, you will find a link to some PE activities. Choose one activity a day to do so that you are having 30 minutes a day of physical activity.

If you would rather do an activity of your own choice, that is absolutely fine. As long as it gets your heart rate up and lasts for around 30 mins, go for it!

I will also put the link here for PE with Joe on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

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